Ladies and gentlemen, dear professors, fellow classmates, distinguished guests, good afternoon! I’m a second-year master student Lu Jing. It’s my great honor to stand here to deliver this speech on behalf of the graduating class of 2018. Three weeks ago, when I opened my mailbox and found the yearbook superlatives nomination form, immediately some nominees’ names flashed into my mind when I saw the words like: “most likely to talk in class”—Kenny! “Most time spent in the lounge”—Alexi! And I suddenly realized it’s time for graduation.   


Looking back at the past year, the HNC has given us a lot of opportunities to make new friends. Do you still remember how did you get close with your friends? Maybe it’s because you took the same course and struggled through the same paper until 3 o’clock in the morning. Maybe you always showed up in the lounge and went out to drink on Friday night. Maybe you played Mafia, LangRenSha, or sang at KTV together and found some cool guys or girls. Perhaps on the Halloween Party you found some familiar classmates in a superman costume or dressed up like a ghost. Perhaps you celebrated at the Christmas Eve Party or New Year’s Eve Party at Zifeng. At the HNC, we have a lot of shared memories. This year, thanks to banwei, we went to see the plum blossoms and Jiming Temple to feel the spring in Nanjing. Thanks to Robbie, Asia Trek and Beijing Trek have opened the door to a new world for us. Thanks to professor Christoffersen, field trips to Yunnan and Heilongjiang were great opportunities for us to know about the borders. Thanks to the co-directors, banwei, Eli, and Caroline, at our annual barbecue party, the beef hamburgers and hotdogs were really delicious. Of course, I will never forget the brilliant HNC band with your great songs played at every HNC party. I will never forget the excellent HNC basketball team winning many games in Nanda and winning screams from us. Most importantly, I will never forget you—HNC, and you—every member in HNC family. We have weaved colorful memories and cherished our friends deeply in our hearts.    


The HNC is a magic place full of diversity and possibilities. Here at the HNC, regardless of our backgrounds and nationalities, we sit together and discuss international issues from US-China trade war to North Korea nuclear crisis, from China’s One Belt One Road to TPP. Here at the HNC, regardless of our majors or jobs, we sit together and take courses in different areas, listening to professor PAT’s comparative economics with his fast speech and resonant laughter, professor Joe’s American culture with his frequent jokes and frequent short papers, professor Cai Jiahe’s Chinese Foreign Policy with his gentle smile on his face and lively discussion classes, and fascinated by professor Webb’s knowledge and getting crazy with his assignments. The HNC is by no means an easy place. Many of us have felt the pressure when three papers’ deadlines coming together; and many of us have experienced the frustration when failing at internship and job interviews. But today when recollecting the past year full of sweetness and bitterness, we definitely appreciate the HNC and the hardships we experienced here. It is the HNC that shapes us with broader and keener insight and perception towards the world around us and the world we are going to explore. It teaches us nothing is impossible as long as we start from now. It gives us the willingness and curiosity to brainstorm, to exchange and understand different cultures, and to respect and appreciate diversity. As the British philosopher Bertrand Russell said: “Diversity is essential to happiness”. This attitude and mindset towards controversies, the kindness to accept differences, the perseverance and courage towards pressure, and the friendship tightening everyone together are the best gifts the HNC has presented to us.    


Today, we graduate and will say goodbye to our friends. Today, after we get out of this building, we will finish our journey of the HNC. We will miss a library with comfortable environment, a cozy dormitory, a yard with sunshine, a pond with fish, a cafeteria with laughter, a gym with muscles, and a lounge with coffee and movies. We will miss a place called the HNC. We will start our next journey of life, and the HNC will be like a lighthouse lightening up the road for us to the future. Many years later, we will still remember, that year 2017, we met each other, and the new story has begun. Thank you my dear professors and classmates! Thank you HNC! My best wishes for all of you! Wish you a bright future, love what you do, and do what you love. Thank you very much!    


布朗博士的女,我一直感要不能辜负他的期望。他21 岁就从哥大学得物理学博士学位。我在已23,尽管我今天士学位,但是听起来并不令人印象那么的深刻 。当然,中美中心的学习方向都很值得学习,并且给学生带来不同的挑战。我的外公在1979年伊朗人危机也在任我很赞扬所有选择国际政治方向的同学,但是一点都不羡慕你们。我也不羡慕学习国际环境方向的学生,尤其是特朗普总统上台了以后。国际法律方向的学生,我知道你们很勇敢,因为要选择Mushkat教授的课。而我个人走了最轻松的路,选择了国际经济方向,因为每个人都懂钱的语言。我们的证书班学生,选择不用写论文,说明你们是我们所有学生中最聪明的。我相信我们许多人将会在商业、政府、非政府组织等各个领域取得成功,而且我认为我们许多人会过着国际生活。再问一次刚才的问题,在我生命中我该如何作出贡献?