TitleAuthorCall Number
B   Philosophy. Psychology. Religion 哲学、心理学、宗教

The geography of  genius : a search for the world's most creative places from ancient Athens to  Silicon Valley /Weiner,  Eric,BF412  .W395 2016

Islamic  exceptionalism : how the struggle over Islam is reshaping the world /Hamid,  Shadi, BP173.7  .H3554 2016
D  History: General and Old World   古代史及世界各国史

The purpose of  the past : reflections on the uses of history /Wood,  Gordon S.D13.2  .W66 2009

Dangerous games  : the uses and abuses of history /MacMillan,  MargaretD16.8  .M251 2010

In praise of  forgetting : historical memory and its ironies /Rieff,  David. D16.9  .R53944 2016

What is global  history? /Conrad,  SebastianD20  .C78 2016

The Silk Roads :  a new history of the world /Frankopan,  Peter.D21.3  .F73 2016

Revolutions : a  very short introduction /Goldstone,  Jack A.D21.3  .G65 2014

Age of anger : a  history of the present /Mishra,  Pankaj.D217  .M45 2017

The allure of  battle : a history of how wars have been won and lost /Nolan,  Cathal J.D25  .N65 2017

War against war  : the American fight for peace, 1914-1918 /Kazin,  MichaelD619  .K39 2017

Peace in world  history /Stearns,  Peter N.D62  .S74 2014

Countdown to  Pearl Harbor : the twelve days to the attack /Twomey,  Steve,D767.92  .T86 2016

The secret war :  spies, ciphers, and guerrillas 1939-1945 /Hastings,  Max
D810.S7  H365 2016

The Crimean  nexus : Putin's war and the clash of civilizations /Pleshakov,  KonstantinDK508.57.U5  .P547 2017

Secondhand time  : the last of the Soviets /Aleksievich,  Svetlana,
Shayevich, Bela,
DK510.76  .A44913 2017

Near abroad :  Putin, the West and the contest over Ukraine and the Caucasus /Toal,  GerardDK510.764  .T63 2017

Incarnations : a  history of India in fifty lives /Khilnani,  Sunil,DS434  .K48 2016

Choices : inside  the making of India's foreign policy /Menon,  Shivshankar, DS449  .M46 2016

Chinese  encounters in Southeast Asia : how people, money, and ideas from China are  changing a region /Nyíri,  Pál.
Tan, Danielle,
Nyíri, Pál.
DS525.9.C5  C54 2017

Understanding  reform in Myanmar : people and society in the wake of military rule /Lall,  M. C. (Marie-Carine) DS530.65  .L35 2016

War without  fronts : the American experience in Vietnam /Thayer,  Thomas C.,
Daddis, Gregory A.,
DS557.7  .T453 2016

The pragmatic  superpower : winning the Cold War in the Middle East /Takeyh,  Ray,
Simon, Steven.
DS63.2.U5  T36 2016

Imperfect  strangers : Americans, Arabs, and U.S.-Middle East relations in the 1970s /Yaqub,  SalimDS63.2.U5  Y373 2016

Middle kingdom  and empire of the rising sun : Sino-Japanese relations, past and present /Dreyer,  June TeufelDS740.5.J3  D74 2016

Shadow Cold War  : the Sino-Soviet competition for the Third World /Friedman,  Jeremy ScottDS740.5.S65  F74 2015

Foreigners under  Mao : Western lives in China, 1949-1976 /Hooper,  Beverley DS777.55  .H5737595 2016

Chinese politics  and international relations : innovation and invention /Horsburgh,  Nicola,
Nordin, Astrid,
Breslin, Shaun.
DS777.8  .C4635 2013

The Cultural  Revolution : a people's history, 1962-1976 /Dikötter,  Frank.DS778.7  .D55 2016

The killing wind  : a Chinese county's descent into madness during the cultural revolution /Tan,  Hecheng,
Mosher, Stacy.
Guo, Jian,
DS778.7  .T35513 2017

China in the era  of Xi Jinping : domestic and foreign policy challenges /Ross,  Robert S.,
Bekkevold, Jo Inge,
DS779.36  .C47 2016

The China reader  : rising power /Shambaugh,  David L.DS779.4  .C464 2016

Consequence : a  memoir /Fair,  Eric, DS79.76.F338  A3 2016

Accidental state  : Chiang Kai-shek, the United States, and the making of Taiwan /Lin,  Hsiao-ting.DS799.816  .L55 2016

Nationalism and  power politics in Japan's relations with China : a neoclassical realist  interpretation /Lai,  Yew Meng.DS849.C6  L25 2014

Pumpkinflowers :  a soldier's story /Friedman,  MattiDS87.5  .F75 2016

Settled  strangers : Asian business elites in East Africa (1800-2000) /Oonk,  Gijsbert, DT16.E17  O66 2013

A history of  Sub-Saharan Africa /Collins,  Robert O.,
Burns, James McDonald.
DT351  .C68 2014
E-F  History of the Americas 美洲历史

Earning the  Rockies : how geography shapes America's role in the world /Kaplan,  Robert D.E161.3  .K37 2017

Republic of  taste : art, politics, and everyday life in early America /Kelly,  Catherine E.E164  .K45 2016

Give me liberty!  : an American history /Foner,  EricE178  .F66 2014

Moderates : the  vital center of American politics, from the founding to today /Brown,  David S. (David Scott),E183  .B89 2016

The Politicians  & the Egalitarians : the Hidden History of American Politics /Wilentz,  SeanE183  .W547 2016

This vast  southern empire : slaveholders at the helm of American foreign policy /Karp,  MatthewE183.7  .K345 2016

The tragedy of  U.S. foreign policy : how America's civil religion betrayed the national  interest /McDougall,  Walter A.E183.7  .M47153 2016

A floating  Chinaman : fantasy and failure across the Pacific /Hsu,  HuaE183.8.C5  H74 2016

The Beautiful  Country and the Middle Kingdom : America and China, 1776 to the Present /Pomfret,  JohnE183.8.C5  P58 2016

Mongolia and the  United States : a Diplomatic History /Addleton,  Jonathan S. (Jonathan Stuart)E183.8.M64  A33 2013

Return to Cold  War /Legvold,  RobertE183.8.R9  L395 2016

Our compelling  interests : the value of diversity for democracy and a prosperous society /Lewis,  Earl,
Cantor, Nancy,
E184.A1  O865 2016

Two faces of  exclusion : the untold history of anti-Asian racism in the United States /Kurashige,  Lon,E184.A75  K87 2016

The other one  percent : Indians in America /Chakravorty,  Sanjoy,
Kapur, Devesh,
Singh, Nirvikar
E184.E2  C426 2017

Competition in  the promised land : black migrants in northern cities and labor markets /Boustan,  Leah Platt,E185.6  .B77 2017

White rage : the  unspoken truth of our racial divide /Anderson,  Carol (Carol Elaine),E185.61  .A5438 2016

Anger and racial  politics : the emotional foundation of racial attitudes in America /Banks,  Antoine J.E185.615  .B2846 2014

Valiant ambition  : George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution  /Philbrick,  Nathaniel.E206  .P48 2016

Emperor of  liberty : Thomas Jefferson's foreign policy /Cogliano,  Francis D.E331  .C67 2014

A nation without  borders : the United States and its world in an age of civil wars, 1830-1910  /Hahn,  StevenE415.7  .H218 2016

Slavery's  capitalism : a new history of American economic development /Beckert,  Sven,
Rockman, Seth,
E441  .S538 2016

The power to die  : slavery and suicide in British North America /Snyder,  Terri LE443  .S594 2015

Six encounters  with Lincoln : a president confronts democracy and its demons /Pryor,  Elizabeth Brown,E457.15  .P93 2017

The presidents'  war : six American presidents and the Civil War that divided them /DeRose,  Chris (Christopher)E458  .D45 2014

A peaceful  conquest : Woodrow Wilson, religion, and the new world order /Burnidge,  Cara Lea, E767.1  .B87 2016

The first modern  clash over federal power : Wilson versus Hughes in the Presidential Election  of 1916 /Gould,  Lewis L. E769  .G68 2016

Herbert Hoover :  a life /Jeansonne,  Glen,
Luhrssen, David.
E802  .J429 2016

Eleanor  Roosevelt, vol. 2 : 1933-1938, the defining years /Cook,  Blanche WiesenE807.1.R48  C66 2000 v.2

The general vs.  the president : MacArthur and Truman at the brink of nuclear war /Brands,  H. W.E814  .B73 2016

The earth is  weeping : the epic story of the Indian wars for the American West /Cozzens,  Peter,E83.866  .C69 2016

Ike's gamble :  America's rise to dominance in the Middle East /Doran,  Michael ScottE836  .D67 2016

A world in  disarray : American foreign policy and the crisis of the old order /Haass,  RichardE840  .H323 2017

A colossal wreck  : a road trip through scandal, political corruption and American culture /Cockburn,  AlexanderE885  .C625 2013

Bill Clinton /Tomasky,  MichaelE886  .T66 2017

Trump revealed :  an American journey of ambition, ego, money, and power /Kranish,  Michael,
Fisher, Marc,
E901.1.T78  K73 2016

Bush /Smith,  Jean Edward 
E902  .S59 2016

Audacity : how  Barack Obama defied his critics and created a legacy that will prevail /Chait,  Jonathan,E907  .C454 2017

Alter egos :  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the twilight struggle over American power  /Landler,  MarkE907  .L364 2016

The Race  Whisperer : Barack Obama and the Political Uses of Race /Price,  Melanye T.E908.3  .P75 2016

The other  slavery : the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America /Reséndez,  AndrésE98.S6  R47 2016

City of dreams :  the 400-year epic history of immigrant New York /Anbinder,  TylerF128.9.A1  A63 2016

Talons of the  eagle : Latin America, the United States, and the world /Smith,  Peter H.F1418  .S645 2013

Nat Turner and  the rising in Southampton County /Allmendinger,  David F.F232.S7  A45 2014

A wretched and  precarious situation : in search of the last Arctic frontier /Welky,  David,G670  1913 .W45 2017

Oxford handbook  of climate change and society /Dryzek,  John S.,
Norgaard, Richard B.,
Schlosberg, David.
GE170  .O94 2013

Greening the  red, white, and blue : the bomb, big business, and consumer resistance in  postwar America /Jundt,  ThomasGE197  .J86 2014

Connectography :  mapping the future of global civilization /Khanna,  Parag.GF47  .K43 2016

Wonderland : how  play made the modern world /Johnson,  Steven,GV1200  .J64 2016
H  Social Science 社会科学

Process-tracing  methods : foundations and guidelines /Beach,  Derek.
Pedersen, Rasmus Brun,
H61  .B37 2013

The man who knew  : the life and times of Alan Greenspan /Mallaby,  SebastianHB119.G74  M35 2016

Complexity and  evolution : toward a new synthesis for economics /Wilson,  David Sloan.
Kirman, A. P.,
HB171  .C7714 2016

The distribution  of wealth--growing inequality? /Schneider,  Michael,
Pottenger, Mike,
King, J. E.
HB251  .S375 2016

Things fall  apart : from the crash of 2008 to the great slump /Vasudevan,  Ramaa.HB3717  2008 .V396 2013

The moral  economy : why good incentives are no substitute for good citizens /Bowles,  SamuelHB72  .B683 2016

The making of  Donald Trump /Johnston,  David Cay, HC102.5.T78  J64 2016

Unleashing the  second American century : four forces for economic dominance /Kurtzman,  JoelHC106.83  .K87 2014

Hard times : the  divisive toll of the economic slump /Clark,  Tom,
Heath, A. F.
HC106.84  .C53 2014

Brazilian  economic studies.Instituto  de Planejamento Econômico e Social.HC186  .B74

Brazil in  transition : beliefs, leadership, and institutional change /Alston,  Lee JHC187  .A55875 2016

The politics of  EU-China economic relations : an uneasy partnership /Farnell,  John,
Crookes, Paul C. Irwin
HC240.25.C6  F37 2016

The hegemony of  growth : the OECD and the making of the economic growth paradigm /Schmelzer,  MatthiasHC241  .S347 2016

Liberty's dawn :  a people's history of the Industrial Revolution /Griffin,  Emma.HC253  .G75 2013

Ruling ideas :  how global neoliberalism goes local /Ban,  Cornel,HC385.5  .B36 2016

Unlikely  partners : Chinese reformers, Western economists, and the making of global  China /Gewirtz,  Julian B.HC427.92  .G478 2017

Taiwan's  democracy : economic and political challenges /Ash,  Robert F.
Garver, John W.
Prime, Penelope B.
HC430.5  .T38245 2011

Reimagining  India : unlocking the potential of Asia's next superpower /Chandler,  Clay,
Zainulbhai, Adil,
HC435.3  .R435 2013

Green signals :  ecology, growth, and democracy in India /Ramesh,  JairamHC440.E5  R36 2015

Rich people poor  countries : the rise of emerging-market tycoons and their mega firms /Freund,  Caroline L.HC59.7  .F696 2016

The Oxford  handbook of the economics of the Pacific Rim /Kaur,  Inderjit N.,
Singh, Nirvikar,
HC681  .O94 2014

Endangered  economies : how the neglect of nature threatens our prosperity /Heal,  G. M. HC79.E5  H428 2017

Confronting the  curse : the economics and geopolitics of natural resource governance /Hendrix,  Cullen S.,
Noland, Marcus,
HC85  .H46 2014

Lobbying and  foreign interests in Chinese politics /Weil,  Stefanie,HD3616.C63  W45 2017

International  business : competing in the global marketplace /Hill,  Charles W. L.
Hult, G. Tomas M.
HD62.4  .H55 2017

Culture,  institutions, and development : new insights into an old debate /Platteau,  Jean-Philippe.HD75  .C86 2010

Hillbilly elegy  : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis /Vance,  J. D.,HD8073.V37  A3 2016

The fix : how  nations survive and thrive in a world in decline /Tepperman,  JonathanHD87  .T47 2016

The trouble with  tea : the politics of consumption in the eighteenth-century global economy /Merritt,  Jane T.HD9198.A2  M47 2017

Can green  sustain growth? : from the religion to the reality of sustainable prosperity  /Zysman,  John
Huberty, Mark,
HD9502.5.C542  C36 2014

Beyond the  resource curse /Shaffer,  Brenda.
Ziyadov, Taleh.
HD9502.A2  B49 2012

The palgrave  handbook of the international political economy of energy /Graaf,  Thijs van de.
Ghosh, Arunabha,
Sovacool, Benjamin K.
Klare, Michael T.,
Kern, Florian
HD9502.A2  P35 2016

Breaking  Rockefeller : the incredible story of the ambitious rivals who toppled an oil  empire /Doran,  Peter B.HD9560.5  .D67 2016

Blood oil :  tyrants, violence, and the rules that run the world /Wenar,  Leif.HD9560.5  .W46 2016

Crude volatility  : the history and the future of boom-bust oil prices /McNally,  Robert,HD9565  .M29 2017

How the Post  Office created America : a history /Gallagher,  WinifredHE6371  .G35 2016

Statistics for  business and economics /Anderson,  David R. (David Ray),
Sweeney, Dennis J.
Williams, Thomas A.
Camm, Jeffrey D.,
Cochran, James J.
HF1017  .A6 2017

The great  convergence : information technology and the new globalization /Baldwin,  Richard E.HF1365  .B35 2016

Global  governance and rules for the post-2015 era : addressing emerging issues in  the global environment /Alonso,  José Antonio,
Ocampo, José Antonio
HF1379  .G5844 2015

The world trade  system : trends and challenges /Bhagwati,  Jagdish N.,
Krishna, Pravin.
Panagariya, Arvind.
HF1379  .W676 2016

Breaking the WTO  : how emerging powers disrupted the neoliberal project /Hopewell,  KristenHF1385  .H67 2016

Chinese state  owned enterprises in West Africa : triple-embedded globalization /Lam,  Katy N.HF1604.Z4  .A3585 2017

Trading with the  enemy : the making of US export control policy toward the People's Republic  of China /Meijer,  HugoHF3128  .M46 2016

Decoding the new  consumer mind : how and why we shop and buy /Yarrow,  Kit,HF5415.32  .Y37 2014

The attention  merchants : the epic scramble to get inside our heads /Wu,  Tim.HF5811  .W82 2016

Gaining currency  : the rise of the renminbi /Prasad,  Eswar.HG1285  .P73 2017

The case for the  corporate death penalty : restoring law and order on Wall Street /Ramirez,  Mary Kreiner,
Ramirez, Steven A.
HG181  .R36 2017

Central banks  and gold : how Tokyo, London, and New York shaped the modern world /Bytheway,  Simon James,
Metzler, Mark,
HG1811  .B98 2016

Progress and  confusion : the state of macroeconomic policy /Blanchard,  OlivierHG230.3  .P76 2016

Naked money : a  revealing look at what it is and why it matters /Wheelan,  Charles J.HG256  .W44 2016

The curse of  cash /Rogoff,  Kenneth S. HG353  .R64 2016

The currency of  confidence : how economic beliefs shape the IMF's relationship with its  borrowers /Nelson,  Stephen C.,HG3881.5.I58  N45 2017

Developing China  : the remarkable impact of foreign direct investment /Enright,  Michael J.HG4538  .E57 2017

The empire trap  : the rise and fall of U.S. intervention to protect American property  overseas, 1893-2013 /Maurer,  Noel, HG4538  .M383 2013

Invisible  influence : the hidden forces that shape behavior /Berger,  Jonah,HM1176  .B47 2016

Leadership :  theory and practice /Northouse,  Peter Guy.HM1261  .N67 2015

Millennium :  from religion to revolution : how civilization has changed over a thousand  years /Mortimer,  Ian,HM626  .M675 2016

Social capital  and its institutional contingency : a study of the United States, China, and  Taiwan /Lin,  Nan,
Fu, Yang-chih,
Chen, Chih-Jou Jay,
HM708  .S6353 2014

The third sector  : community organizations, NGOs, and nonprofits / 
Kallman, Meghan Elizabeth,
Clark, Terry Nichols,
Wu, Cary,
Lin, Jean Yen-Chun,
HM766  .K35 2016

The  participatory condition in the digital age /Sterne,  Jonathan,
Barney, Darin David,
Coleman, E. Gabriella,
Ross, Christine,
Tembeck, Tamar,
HM771  .P367 2016

How change  happens /Green,  Duncan.HM831  .G688 2016

Far and away :  reporting from the brink of change : seven continents, twenty-five years /Solomon,  Andrew,HM831  .S647 2016

Thank you for  being late : an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations /Friedman,  Thomas L.HM846  .F739 2016

Infoglut : how  too much information is changing the way we think and know /Andrejevic,  MarkHM851  .A648 2013

Finite media :  environmental implications of digital technologies /Cubitt,  Sean,HM851  .C7825 2017

The seventh  sense : power, fortune, and survival in the age of networks /Ramo,  Joshua CooperHM851  .R3633 2016

22 ideas to fix  the world : conversations with the world's foremost thinkers /Dutkiewicz,  Piotr.
Sakwa, Richard
HN18.3  .A13 2013

A theory of  militant democracy : the ethics of combatting political extremism /Kirshner,  Alexander S.HN49.R33  K57 2014

The next America  : boomers, millennials, and the looming generational showdown /Taylor,  Paul.HN59  .T39 2015

White trash :  the 400-year untold history of class in America /Isenberg,  NancyHN90.S6  I84 2016

The gendered  executive : a comparative analysis of presidents, prime ministers, and chief  executives /Martin,  Janet M.,
Borrelli, MaryAnne,
HQ1236  .G46247 2016

Invisible  children : reimagining international development at the grassroots /Ajmera,  Maya.
Fields, Gregory A.
HQ767.9  .A375 2016

The 9/11  generation : youth, rights, and solidarity in the war on terror /Maira,  SunainaHQ799.2.P6  M345 2016

Messy urbanism :  understanding the 'other' cities of Asia /Chalana,  Manish,
Hou, Jeffrey,
HT147.A78  M477 2016

The new science  of cities /Batty,  Michael.HT166  .B38667 2013

Digital  humanitarians : how big data is changing the face of humanitarian response /Meier,  PatrickHV551.2  .M45 2015

International  disaster management ethics /Ireni  Saban, LizaHV553  .I5887 2016

Genocide : the  act as idea /Lang,  BerelHV6322.7  .L36 2017

Does terrorism  work? : a history /English,  Richard,HV6431  .E5478 2016

Dancing with the  devil : the perils of engaging rogue regimes /Rubin,  MichaelHV6431  .R85 2014

Power at ground  zero : politics, money, and the remaking of lower Manhattan /Sagalyn,  Lynne B.HV6432.7  .S224 2016

ISIS : a history  /Gerges,  Fawaz A.HV6433.I722  G47 2016

Al Qaeda, the  Islamic State, and the global jihadist movement : what everyone needs to know  /Byman,  Daniel,HV6433.M628  B96 2015

Fraud : an  American history from Barnum to Madoff /Balleisen,  Edward J.HV6695  .B35 2017

Betting on  famine : why the world still goes hungry /Ziegler,  JeanHV696.F6  Z5413 2013

Branding  Hoover's FBI : how the boss's PR men sold the Bureau to America /Cecil,  MatthewHV8144.F43  C423 2016

Blood in the  water : the Attica prison uprising of 1971 and its legacy /Thompson,  Heather AnnHV9475.N716  T46 2016
J  Political Science 政治学

Traveling back :  toward a global political theory /McWilliams,  Susan JaneJA71  .M35 2014

Political  emotions : why love matters for justice /Nussbaum,  Martha CravenJA71  .N88 2015

Political  ideologies and political parties in America /Noel,  Hans,JA84.U5  .N54 2013

Nations : the  long history and deep roots of political ethnicity and nationalism /Gat,  Azar.
Yakobson, Alexander.
JC311  .G44 2013

Once within  borders : territories of power, wealth, and belonging since 1500 /Maier,  Charles S.JC323  .M34 2016

Civil  disobedience : an American tradition /Perry,  LewisJC328.3  .P444 2013

Dictators and  democrats : masses, elites, and regime change /Haggard,  Stephan
Kaufman, Robert R.
JC423  .H34 2016

What is  populism? /Müller,  Jan-WernerJC423  .M78395 2016

The human rights  state : justice within and beyond sovereign nations /Gregg,  Benjamin GreenwoodJC571  .G7826 2016

Human rights or  global capitalism : the limits of privatization /Nowak,  ManfredJC571  .N67 2017

Paternalism  beyond borders /Barnett,  Michael N.JC571  .P314 2016

Redefining human  rights in the struggle for peace and development /Paupp,  Terrence Edward.JC571  .P3245 2014

Strangers in  their own land : anger and mourning on the American right /Hochschild,  Arlie Russell,JC573.2.U6  H624 2016

Undoing the  demos : neoliberalism's stealth revolution /Brown,  WendyJC574  .B766 2015

The limousine  liberal : how an incendiary image united the right and fractured America /Fraser,  Steve,JC574.2.U6  F73 2016

Politics against  domination /Brown,  Wendy,JC578  .S44 2016

The fight to  vote /Waldman, MichaelJK1846 .W35 2016

Super PAC! :  money, elections, and voters after Citizens United /Dowling, Conor  M.
Miller, Michael Gerald,
JK1991  .D685 2014

Embracing  dissent : political violence and party development in the United States /Selinger,  Jeffrey SJK2261  .S425 2016

Democracy for  hire : a history of American political consulting /Johnson,  Dennis W. JK2281  .J624 2017

Black  Republicans and the transformation of the GOP /Farrington,  Joshua DJK2356  .F36 2016

The wrongs of  the right : language, race, and the Republican Party in the age of Obama /Hughey,  Matthew W. (Matthew Windust)
Parks, Gregory S.
JK2356  .H84 2014

Playing to the  edge : American intelligence in the age of terror /Hayden,  Michael V. (Michael Vincent)JK468.I6  H39 2016

The dictator's  dilemma : the Chinese Communist Party's strategy for survival /Dickson,  Bruce J. JQ1519.A5  D5289 2016

When crime pays  : money and muscle in Indian politics /Vaishnav,  Milan.JQ229.C6  V35 2017

Ascending India  and its state capacity : extraction, violence, and legitimacy /Ganguly,  Sumit,
Thompson, William R.
JQ231  .G36 2017

Borders, asylum  and global non-citizenship : the other side of the fence /Johnson,  Heather L.JV6225  .J65 2014

Benevolent  empire : U.S. power, humanitarianism, and the world's dispossessed /Porter,  Stephen RJV6601  .P67 2017

Interpretive  quantification : methodological explorations for critical and constructivist  IR /Barkin,  J. Samuel,
Sjoberg, Laura,
JZ1234  .I63 2017

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