TitleAuthorCall Number
B  Philosophy. Psychology. Religion 哲学、心理学、宗教

Our  common denominator : human universals revisited /Antweiler,  Christoph
B105.U5  A5813 2016

Free  spirits : spiritualism, Republicanism, and radicalism in the Civil War era /Lause,  Mark A.
BF1242.U6  L38 2016

Honor  bound : how a cultural ideal has shaped the american psyche /Brown,  Ryan P.
BJ1533.H8  B76 2016

Islam  in Asia : religion, politics, and society /Esposito,  John L.
BP63.A1  I85 1987

Islam  and the Malay-Indonesian world : transmission and responses /Peter  G. Riddell.BP63.M27  R54 2001

Europe  and Islam /Jones,  Erik.
Genugten, Saskia van,
BP65.A1  E96 2016
D  History: General and Old World   古代史及世界各国史

The  Annual register of world events; a review of the year.
D2  .A7 2016

Margin  of victory : five battles that changed the face of modern war /Macgregor,  Douglas A. 
D431  .M26 2016

The  vanquished : why the First World War failed to end, 1917-1923 /Gerwarth,  Robert
D523  .G478b 2016

The  longest day: June 6, 1944 /Ryan,  Cornelius.
D756.5.N6  R9 1994

Divergent  memories : opinion leaders and the Asia-Pacific War /Shin,  Gi-Wook.
D767  .S5556 2016

Target  Tokyo : Jimmy Doolittle and the raid that avenged Pearl Harbor /Scott,  James (James M.), 
D767.25.T6  S37 2015

India's  war : World War II and the making of modern South Asia /Raghavan,  Srinath,
D767.6  .R27 2016

Cold  War Ruins : Transpacific Critique of American Justice and Japanese War Crimes  /Yoneyama,  LisaD804.J3  Y59 2016

Survival  in Auschwitz : the Nazi assault on humanity /Levi,  Primo.
Woolf, S. J.
Roth, Philip.
D805.P7  L4413 1996

Eisenhower's  Guerrillas : The Jedburghs, the Maquis, and the Liberation of France /Jones,  Benjamin F
D810.S7  J46 2016

Innovation  networks and the new Asian regionalism : a knowledge platform on economic  productivity /Brunner,  Hans-Peter
DK510.763  .C466 2016

The  return of ideology : the search for regime identities in postcommunist Russia  and China /Chen,  Cheng
DK510.763  .C466 2016

Imagining  Asia in the Americas /Rivas,  Zelideth María,
Lee-DiStefano, Debbie.
DS33.4.A45  I47 2016

Powerplay  : the origins of the American alliance system in Asia /Cha,  Victor D., 
DS33.4.U6  C47 2016

The  Muslims of India : a documentary record /Noorani,  Abdul Gafoor Abdul Majeed,
DS432.M84  M88 2003

Myanmar  : reintegrating into the international community /Li,  Chenyang,
Chaw Chaw Sein,
Zhu, Xianghui,
DS528.7  .M93 2016

The  lady and the peacock : the life of Aung San Suu Kyi /Popham,  Peter.
DS530.53  .A85 P66 2012

Last  stand at Khe Sanh : the U.S. Marines' finest hour in Vietnam /Jones,  Gregg,
DS557.8.K5  J66 2015

Nothing  ever dies : Vietnam and the memory of war /Nguyen,  Viet Thanh
DS559.8.S6  N48 2016

The  Muslims of Thailand /Gilquin,  Michel.
Smithies, Michael,
DS570.M85  G57 2005

Understanding  multicultural Malaysia : delights, puzzles & irritations /Asma  Abdullah.
Pedersen, Paul,
DS595  .A86 2003

Contesting  Malayness : Malay identity across boundaries /Barnard,  Timothy P.,
DS595  .C67 2004

Ethnic  relations in Malaysia : harmony and conflict /Husin  Ali, Syed.
DS595  .H86 2008

May  13 : declassified documents on the Malaysian riots of 1969 /Kua,  Kia Soong.
DS597.2  .K795 2007

March  8 : the day Malaysia woke up /Kee,  Thuan Chye.
DS597.2  .M378 2008

Singapore-China  relations : 50 years /Zheng,  Yongnian.
Lye, Liang Fook,
DS610.47.C6  S56 2016

The  Iran wars : spy games, bank battles, and the secret deals that reshaped the  Middle East /Solomon,  Jay (Reporter), 
DS63.2.I68  S65 2016

America's  war for the greater Middle East : a military history /Bacevich,  Andrew J. 
DS63.2.U5  B3214 2016

Us  versus them : the United States, radical Islam, and the rise of the green  threat /Little,  Douglas
DS63.2.U5  L59 2016

Uyghur  nation : reform and revolution on the Russia-China frontier /Brophy,  David John
DS731.U4  B76 2016

Guangdong  and Chinese diaspora the changing landscape of Qiaoxiang /Yow,  Cheun Hoe.
DS732  .Y68 2013

Art  of neighbouring : making relations across china's borders /Saxer,  Martin,
Zhang, Juan
DS740.4  .A78 2017

Early  China : a social and cultural history /Li,  Feng
DS741.5  .L45 2013

Red  legacies in China : cultural afterlives of the communist revolution /Li,  Jie,
Zhang, Enhua,
DS777.6  .R43 2016

The  private life of Chairman Mao : the memoirs of Mao's personal physician /Li,  Zhisui
Thurston, Anne F.
DS778  .M3 L5164 1994

The  Cultural Revolution : a people's history, 1962-1976 /Dikötter,  Frank.
DS778.7  .D55 2016

China's  Future /Shambaugh,David DS779.4  .S45 2016

Making  autocracy work : representation and responsiveness in modern China /Truex,  Rory,
DS779.46  .T78 2016

China's  frontier regions : ethnicity, economic integration and foreign relations /Clarke,  Michael E.
Smith, Doug,
DS779.47  .C5 2016

China  on the edge : Chinese border provinces and Chinese security policy /Freeman,  Carla P. (Carla Park),
Thompson, Drew,
DS779.47  .F74 2014

The  Mirror Test : America at War in Iraq and Afghanistan /Weston,  J. Kael,
DS79.76  .W464 2016

Yunnan  - a Chinese bridgehead to Asia : a case study of China's political and  economic relations with its neighbours /Summers,  Tim.
DS793.Y8  S86 2013

Street  of Eternal Happiness : big city dreams along a Shanghai road /Schmitz,  Rob.DS796.S253  A26 2016

Refugees,  conflict and the search for belonging /Hovil,  Lucy
DT352.42  .H68 2016
E-F  History of the Americas 美洲历史

History  of the westward movement /Merk,  Frederick
E179.5  .M397 1978

The  power of the past : history and statecraft /Brands,  Hal,
Suri, Jeremi.
E183.7  .P685 2016

Eisenhower  and Cambodia : diplomacy, covert action, and the origins of the Second  Indochina War /Rust,  William J.
E183.8.C15  R87 2016

The  United States and China : into the twenty-first century /Schaller,  MichaelE183.8.C5  S323 2016

Forged  in crisis : India and the United States since 1947 /Chaudhuri,  Rudra
E183.8.I4  C543 2014

Rival  reputations : coercion and credibility in US-North Korea relations /Jackson,  Van,
E183.8.K7  J33 2016

Bind  us apart : how enlightened Americans invented racial segregation /Guyatt,  Nicholas
E184.A1  G985 2016

Saving  face : the emotional costs of the Asian immigrant family myth /Chung,  Angie Y
E184.A75  C5165 2016

Global  Asian American popular cultures /Davé,  Shilpa,   Nishime, LeiLani.   Oren, Tasha G.,E184.A75  G55 2016

A  new history of Asian America /Lee,  Shelley Sang-Hee, 
E184.A75  L45 2014

Black  natural law /Lloyd,  Vincent W., 
E185.6  .L63 2016

Stamped  from the beginning : the definitive history of racist ideas in America /Kendi,  Ibram X
E185.61  .K358 2016

Dreams  from my father : a story of race and inheritance /Obama,  Barack.
E185.97.O23  A3 2008

American  revolutions : a continental history, 1750-1804 /Taylor,  Alan, 
E208  .T36 2016

From  empire to humanity : the American Revolution and the origins of  humanitarianism /Moniz,  Amanda B.
E209  .M65 2016

The  heart of the Declaration : the founders' case for an activist government /Pincus,  Steven C. A.,
E221  .P56 2016

Most  blessed of the patriarchs : Thomas Jefferson and the empire of the  imagination /Gordon-Reed,  Annette.
Onuf, Peter S.
E332.2  .G669 2016

Jefferson,  Lincoln, and the unfinished work of the nation /Hatzenbuehler,  Ronald L.
E332.2  .H39 2016

John  Quincy Adams : militant spirit /Traub,  James. author.
Adams, John Quincy,
E377  .T73 2016

Louisa  : the extraordinary life of Mrs. Adams /Thomas,  Louisa
E377.2  .T48 2016

New  England bound : slavery and colonization in early America /Warren,  Wendy 
E446  .W26 2016

A  self-made man : the political life of Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1849 /Blumenthal,  Sidney,
E457.35  .B55 2016

Marching  home : union veterans and their unending Civil War /Jordan,  Brian Matthew
E462  .J67 2014

Custer's  trials : a life on the frontier of a new America /Stiles,  T. J.
E467.1.C99  S76 2015

A  savage war : a military history of the Civil War /Murray,  Williamson 
Hsieh, Wayne Wei-siang,
E470  .M88 2016

Citizen  of a wider commonwealth : Ulysses S. Grant's postpresidential diplomacy /Campbell,  Edwina S., 
E673  .C36 2016

The  Progressives' century : political reform, constitutional government, and the  modern American state /Skowronek,  Stephen
Engel, Stephen M.,
Ackerman, Bruce A.
E743  .P764 2016

Theodore  Roosevelt in the field /Canfield,  Michael R., 
E757  .C26 2015

Franklin  D. Roosevelt /Simpson,  Michael
E807  .D336 2015 v.2

Blood  and sand : Suez, Hungary, and Eisenhower's campaign for peace /Von  Tunzelmann, Alex
E835  .V66 2016

Lion  of the Senate : When Ted Kennedy Rallied the Democrats in a GOP Congress /Littlefield,  Nick,
Nexon, David,
Goodwin, Doris Kearns
E840.8.K35  L58 2015

Bobby  Kennedy : the making of a liberal icon /Tye,  Larry
E840.8.K4  T94 2016

Making  the unipolar moment : U.S. foreign policy and the rise of the post-Cold War  order /Brands,  Hal, E872  .B73 2016

Man  of the world : the further endeavors of Bill Clinton /Conason,  Joe
E886  .C66 2016

The  audacity of hope : thoughts on reclaiming the American dream /Obama,  Barack.
E901.1  .O2

The  long game : how Obama defied Washington and redefined America's role in the  world /Chollet,  Derek H.
E907  .C459 2016

Latin  America in international politics : challenging US hegemony /Tulchin,  Joseph S.F1415  .T85 2016

Our  sister republics : the United States in an age of American revolutions /Fitz,  Caitlin
F1418  .F58 2016
G  Geography. Anthropology. Recreation  地理学、人类学、娱乐

Rethinking  private authority : agents and entrepreneurs in global environmental  governance /Green,  Jessica F.
GE170  .G7326 2014

Across  forest, steppe and mountain : environment, identity and empire in Qing  China's borderlands /Bello,  David Anthony
GE190.C6  B35 2016

Entangled  histories : the transcultural past of Northeast China /Ben-Canaan,  Dan,
Grüner, Frank,
Prodöhl, Ines,
GN345.7  .E58 2014

Cold  war games : propaganda, the Olympics, and U.S. foreign policy /Rider,  Toby C.
GV721.5  .R54 2016
H  Social Science 社会科学

A  practical guide for policy analysis : the eightfold path to more effective  problem solving /Bardach,  Eugene
H97  .B37 2016

Statistical  yearbook. Annuaire statistique.United  Nations. Statistical Office
HA42  .U65 2016 v.59

How  states pay for wars /Cappella  Zielinski, Rosella, 
HB195  .C28 2016

The  information nexus : global capitalism from the Renaissance to the present /Marks,  Steven G. (Steven Gary), 
HB501  .M33165 2016

The  Oxford handbook of post-Keynesian economics /Harcourt,  G. C.
Kriesler, Peter
HB99.7  .O94 2013

Brazillionaires  : wealth, power, decadence, and hope in an American country /Cuadros,  Alex
HC190.W4  C83 2016

The  economic history of China : from antiquity to the nineteenth century /Von  Glahn, Richard.
HC427.6  .V66 2016

How  China escaped the poverty trap /Ang,  Yuen Yuen,
HC427.92  .A74 2016

China  and the global economic crisis /Zheng,  Yongnian.
Tong, Sarah Y.
HC427.95  .C4366 2010

China's  economy : what everyone needs to know /Kroeber,  Arthur R., 
HC427.95  .K76 2016

Borderland  capitalism : Turkestan produce, Qing silver, and the birth of an eastern  market /Kim,  Kwangmin
HC428.X56  K56 2016

Rich  Malaysia, poor Malaysians : essays on energy, economy, and education /Anas  Alam Faizli
HC445.5  .A77 2014

The  great surge : the ascent of the developing world /Radelet,  Steven C., 
HC59.7  .R235 2015

The  power of a single number : a political history of GDP /Lepenies,  Philipp
HC79.I5  L4613 2016

The  cultures of markets : the political economy of climate governance /Knox,  Janelle KallieHC79.P55  K66 2016

Shadow  networks : border economies, informal markets and organized crime in the  Russian Far East /Holzlehner,  Tobias.
HD2346.R8  H65 2014

Aid  for elites : building partner nations and ending poverty through human  capital /Moyar,  Mark
HD4904.7  .M693 2016

The  gray rhino : how to recognize and act on the obvious dangers we ignore /Wucker,  Michele,
HD61  .W835 2016

Panic  at the pump : the energy crisis and the transformation of American politics  in the 1970s /Jacobs,  Meg,
HD9502.U52  J33 2016

Door  to door : the magnificent, maddening, mysterious world of transportation /Humes,  Edward.
HE151  .H876 2016

Balance  of payments statistics. Yearbook. (IMF)International  Monetary Fund
HF1014  .I5 2016 v. 67

The  globalization reader /Lechner,  Frank.
Boli, John,
HF1359  .G59 2015

Bridging  the Pacific : toward free trade and investment between China and the United  States /Bergsten,  C. Fred,
Hufbauer, Gary Clyde
Miner, Sean,
HF1456.5.C6  B47 2014

The  politics of dependency : US reliance on Mexican oil and farm labor /Menchaca,  Martha
HF1456.5.M6  M46 2016

China's  one belt one road : initiative, challenges and prospects /Bal  Krishan Sharma & Nivedita Das KunduHF1604.Z4  E83 2016

China's  One Belt One Road initiative /Lim,  Tai-Wei
HF1604.Z4  E8355 2016

Taiwan's  China dilemma : contested identities and multiple interests in Taiwan's  cross-strait economic policy /Lin,  Syaru Shirley
HF1606.Z4  C653 2016

The  Trans-Pacific Partnership and the path to free trade in the Asia Pacific /Chow,  Peter C. Y.
HF2570.7  .T73 2016

The  rise of the new East : business strategies for success in a world of  increasing complexity /Simpfendorfer,  Ben.
HF3820.5.Z5  S56 2014

Money  changes everything : how finance made civilization possible /Goetzmann,  William N.
HG171  .G638 2016

Debt  and distortion : risks and reforms in the Chinese financial system /Armstrong-Taylor,  Paul
HG187.C6  A76 2016

The  evolution of money /Orrell,  David,
Chlupaty, Roman,
HG231  .O77 2016

China's  banking transformation : the untold story /Stent,  James,
HG3334  .S74 2017

The  great debt transformation : households, financialization, and policy  responses /Fuller,  Gregory W.HG3701  .F85 2016

Poor  states, power and the politics of IMF reform : drivers of change in the  post-Washington consensus /Hibben,  Mark
HG3881.5.I58  H53 2016

The  people's money : how China is building a global currency /Subacchi,  Paola
HG3978  .S83 2017

Principles  of corporate finance /Brealey,  Richard A.
Myers, Stewart C.
Allen, Franklin.
HG4026  .B667 2017

Ethnic  conflict : a global perspective /Wolff,  Stefan,
HM1121  .W65 2007

Rethinking  multiculturalism : cultural diversity and political theory /Parekh,  Bhikhu C.
HM1271  .P37 2002

Confluence  of thought : Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. /Chakrabarty,  Bidyut,
HM1281  .C46 2014

Culture  & money in the nineteenth century : abstracting economics /Bivona,  Daniel,
Tromp, Marlene,
HM621  .C85746 2016

Witness  to the revolution : radicals, resisters, vets, hippies, and the year America  lost its mind and found its soul /Bingham,  Clara
HN59  .B49 2016

The  rural modern : reconstructing the self and state in Republican China /Merkel-Hess,  Kate
HN740.Z9  C623 2016

Confident  pluralism : surviving and thriving through deep difference /Inazu,  John D. 
HN90.M84  I53 2016

The  locust effect : why the end of poverty requires the end of violence /Haugen,  Gary A.
Boutros, Victor.
HN981.V5  H39 2014

Psychology  of women; a study of bio-cultural conflictsBardwick,  Judith M., 
HQ1206  .B23

Small-town  America : finding community, shaping the future /Wuthnow,  Robert
HT123  .W88 2013

Remaking  the urban social contract : health, energy, and the environment /Pagano,  Michael AHT167  .R46 2016

City  squares : eighteen writers on the spirit and significance of squares around  the world /Marron,  Catie,
HT185  .C5753 2016

Ghetto  : the invention of a place, the history of an idea /Duneier,  Mitchell, 
HT221  .D86 2016

From  village to city : social transformation in a Chinese county seat /Kipnis,  Andrew B.
HT384.C62  Z6855 2016

Chinas  regional development and tibet /Guo,  Rongxing.
HT395.C55  G86 2016

Falling  over backwards : an essay on reservations, and on judicial populism /Shourie,  Arun.
HT720  .S436 2006

Japan  after 3/11 : global perspectives on the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima  meltdown /Karan,  Pradyumna P.
Suganuma, Unryu,
HV600  2011.T64 J356 2016

On  western terrorism : from Hiroshima to drone warfare /Chomsky,  Noam
Vltchek, Andre
HV6431  .C469 2013

Misunderstanding  terrorism /Sageman,  Marc
HV6432  .S233 2017

The  terror years : from al-Qaeda to the Islamic State /Wright,  Lawrence
HV6433.M5  .W75 2016

China's  hidden children : abandonment, adoption, and the human costs of the one-child  policy /Johnson,  Kay Ann 
HV887.C6  J66 2016
J  Political Science 政治学

The  International year book and statesmen's who's who.
JA51  .I57 2017

Friendship  reconsidered : what it means and how it matters to politics /Digeser,  Peter
JA71  .D52135 2016

Geopolitics  : the geography of international relations /Cohen,  Saul Bernard.
JC319  .C62 2015

Foreign  fighters : transnational identity in civil conflicts /Malet,  David,
JC328.5  .M34 2013

Illiberal  practices : territorial variance within large federal democracies /Behrend,  Jacqueline,
Whitehead, Laurence
JC355  .I45 2016

Imagined  democracies : necessary political fictions /Ezrahi,  Yaron
JC423  .E968 2012

The  sleeping sovereign : the invention of modern democracy /Tuck,  Richard
JC423  .T76 2016

Right  moves : the conservative think tank in American political culture since 1945  /Stahl,  Jason M.
JC573.2.U6  S73 2016

Democratic  dilemma : ethnic violence and human rights in Sri Lanka /Manoharan,  N. (Nagaioh), JC599.S72  M36 2008

The  Snowden files : the inside story of the world's most wanted man /Harding,  Luke
JF1525.W45  H37 2014

Insecure  majorities : Congress and the perpetual campaign /Lee,  Frances E.
JK2265  .L38 2016

Progressivism  in America : past, present and future /Woolner,  David B.,
Thompson, John M.,
JK271  .P76 2016

Lords  of secrecy : the national security elite and America's stealth warfare /Horton,  Scott.
JK468.S4  H67 2015

Power  without constraint : the post-9/11 presidency and national security /Edelson,  Chris
JK511  .E34 2016

Presidents  on political ground : leaders in action and what they face /Miroff,  Bruce 
JK516  .M53 2016

Assessing  the balance of power in central-local relations in China /Donaldson,  John A.,
JQ1506.S8  A77 2017

Centrifugal  empire : central-local relations in China /Chŏng,  Chae-ho
JQ1506.S8  C46 2016

De  facto federalism in China : reforms and dynamics of central-local relations /Zheng,  Yongnian.JQ1506.S8  Z54 2007

The  party forever : inside China's modern communist elite /Callick,  Rowan,
JQ1519.A5  .C18743 2013

Getting  India back on track : an action agenda for reform /Debroy,  Bibek,
Tellis, Ashley J.
JQ231  .G44 2014

Rogue  elephant : harnessing the power of India's unruly democracy /Denyer,  Simon.
JQ281  .D55 2014

International  relations : perspectives, controversies and readings /Shimko,  Keith L., 
JZ1242  .S545 2015

The  supply side of security : a market theory of military alliances /Kim,  TongfiJZ1314  .K55 2016

Future  states : from international to global political order /Haigh,  Stephen.
JZ1318  .H3435 2013

America  abroad : the United States' global role in the 21st century /Brooks,  Stephen G.,
Wohlforth, William Curti,
JZ1480  .B675 2016

American  empire and the arsenal of entertainment : soft power and cultural  weaponization /Fattor,  Eric M., 
JZ1480  .F38 2014

American  power & liberal order : a conservative internationalist grand strategy /Miller,  Paul D., 
JZ1480  .M553 2016

After  Obama : renewing American leadership, restoring global order /Singh,  Robert.
JZ1480  .S49 2016

Theory  and practice of paradiplomacy : subnational governments in international  affairs /Kuznetsov,  Alexander S.
JZ4059  .K89 2015

International  organizations in world politics /Gutner,  Tamar L.
JZ4850  .G87 2017

U.S.  presidential leadership at the UN, 1945 to present /Bose,  Meenekshi,
JZ5588.U6  U74 2014
K  Law 法律

Sanctuary  and asylum : a social and political history /Rabben,  LindaK3268.3  .R335 2016

Law  and neuroscience /Jones,  Owen D., Schall, Jeffrey D.,Shen, Francis X.K346  .J66 2014

Global  health law /Gostin,  Lawrence O.K3570  .G67 2014

Limiting  Leviathan : Hobbes on law and international affairs /May,  LarryK457.H5  M39 2013

The  laws of robots : crimes, contracts, and torts /Pagallo,  UgoK487.T4  P34 2013

When  robots kill : artificial intelligence under criminal law /Halevi,  Gavri'el.K5070  .H35 2013

Mr.  Mothercountry : the man who made the rule of law /McBride, Keally D.KD5020  .M38 2016

Executing  the Rosenbergs : death and diplomacy in a Cold War world /Clune,  Lori,KF224.R6  C58 2016

American  legal history : a very short introduction /White,  G. EdwardKF352  .W478 2014

Richard  Posner /Domnarski,  WilliamKF373.P595  D66 2016

Health  care law and ethics in a nutshell /Hall,  Mark A.,
Ellman, Ira Mark.
Orentlicher, David,
KF3821  .H353 2011

Engines  of liberty : the power of citizen activists to make constitutional law /Cole,  DavidKF384  .C65 2016

Courts  without borders : law, politics, and U.S. extraterritoriality /Putnam,  Tonya L. (Tonya Lee)KF413.J87  P88 2016

The  civic constitution : civic visions and struggles in the path toward  constitutional democracy /Beaumont,  ElizabethKF4541  .B33 2014

An  indispensable liberty : the fight for free speech in nineteenth-century  America /Cronin,  Mary M.KF4772  .I53 2016

Law  and religion in American history : public values and private conscience /McGarvie,  Mark D. (Mark Douglas)KF4783  .M25 2016

Gerrymandering  in America : the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and the future  of popular sovereignty /McGann,  Anthony J.,
Smith, Charles Anthony,
Latner, Michael,
Keena, Alex,
KF4905  .M29 2016

The  Presidents and the Constitution : a living history /Gormley,  Ken.KF5053  .P75 2016

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