TitleAuthorCall Number
D  History: General and Old World   古代史及世界各国史

Nations  and their histories : constructions and representations /Susana  Carvalho and François Gemenne.D13  .N337 2009

The  legacy of the Cold War : perspectives on security, cooperation, and conflict  /Vojtech  Mastny and Zhu Liqun.D843  .L324 2014

Southeast  Asian affairs.Institute  of Southeast Asian StudiesDS502  .S76 2016

East  Asia beyond the history wars : confronting the ghosts of violence /Morris-Suzuki,  TessaDS518  .E37 2013

The  3rd ASEAN reader /Ooi,  Kee Beng and Basu Das, SanchitaDS520  .A872259 2015

The  thought remolding campaign of the Chinese Communist Party-state /Hu  Ping, Philip F. Williams and Yenna Wu.DS777.56  .H827 2012

China  in the 21st century : what everyone needs to know /Wasserstrom,  Jeffrey N.DS779.4  .W376 2013

Chinese  politics in the Xi Jinping era : reassessing collective leadership /Li,  ChengDS779.46  .L5227 2016

Post-ethical  society : the Iraq War, Abu Ghraib, and the moral failure of the secular /Porpora,  Douglas V. and Nikolaev, Alexander G.DS79.767.M67  P67 2013

Lost  in transition : Hong Kong culture in the age of China /Zhu,  YaoweiDS796.H75  Z469 2013

Representing  mass violence : conflicting responses to human rights violations in Darfur /Savelsberg,  Joachim J.DT159.6.D27  S2548 2015
E-F  History of the Americas 美洲历史

The  disunity of American culture : science, religion, technology, and the secular  state /Caiazza,  John.E169.Z83  C35 2013

Republic  of spin : an inside history of the American presidency /Greenberg,  David.E176.1  .G824 2016

US  foreign policy and the rogue state doctrine /Miles,  Alex.E183.7  .M55 2013

The  War of 1812 : a forgotten conflict /Hickey,  Donald R.E354  .H53 2012

One  nation divided by slavery : remembering the American Revolution while  marching toward the Civil War /Conlin,  Michael F.E449  .C747 2015

Let  the people rule : Theodore Roosevelt and the birth of the presidential  primary /Cowan,  Geoffrey.E765  .C69 2016

The  great exception : the New Deal and the limits of American politics /Cowie,  Jefferson.E806  .C68 2016

FDR's  world : war, peace, and legacies /David  B. Woolner, Warren F. Kimball, and David Reynolds.E807  .F346 2012

US  foreign policy in the post-cold war era : restraint versus assertiveness from  George H.W. Bush to Barack Obama. /Onea,  Tudor A.E840  .O54 2013

Bill  Clinton : building a bridge to the new millennium /Bennett,  David HarryE886  .B45 2014
G  Geography. Anthropology. Recreation  地理学、人类学、娱乐

Atlas  of China /Du,  Xiurong.G2305  .D8 2007

Global  environmental history : an introductory reader /McNeill,  John Robert. and Roe, AlanGF13  .M385 2013

Ordinary  ethics in China /Stafford,  Charles.GN635.C5  O85 2013

Training  the body for China : sports in the moral order of the People's Republic /Brownell,  Susan.GV651  .B76 1995
H  Social Science 社会科学

Natural  experiments in the social sciences : a design-based approach /Dunning,  Thad.H62  .D797 2012

Microeconomics  : a very short introduction /Dixit,  Avinash K. HB172  .D59 2014

Wrong  : nine economic policy disasters and what we can learn from them /Grossman,  Richard S.HB3722  .G76 2013

New  spirits of capitalism? : crises, justifications, and dynamics /Du  Gay, Paul. and Morgan, Glenn.HB501  .N3984 2013

World  economic outlook : a survey by the staff of the International Monetary Fund.International  Monetary FundHC10  .W7979 2016

$2.00  a day : living on almost nothing in America /Kathryn  J. Edin, H. Luke Shaefer.HC110.P6  E343 2015

At  the crossroads of post-communist modernisation : Russia and China in  comparative perspective /Pursiainen,  Christer.HC340.12  .A88 2012

Community  capitalism in China : the state, the market, and collectivism /Hou,  XiaoshuoHC427.95  .H685 2013

China's  economy : what everyone needs to know /Kroeber,  Arthur R.HC427.95  .K76 2016

China  and the twenty-first-century crisis /Li,  MinqiHC427.95  .L5525 2016

The  political economy of empire in the early modern world /Reinert,  Sophus A. and Røge, Pernille.HC51  .P637 2013

Routledge  handbook of modern economic history /Robert  Whaples and Randall E. ParkerHC51  .R68 2013

Divided  we stand : redefining politics, technology, and social choice /Michiel  Schwarz and Michael ThompsonHC79.E5  S296 1990

The  peasant in postsocialist China : history, politics, and capitalism /Day,  Alexander F.HD1537.C5  D36 2013

China's  energy policy from national and international perspectives : the energy  revolution and one road initiative /Qinhua  Xu, William ChungHD9502.C62  X84 2016

Putin's  energy agenda : the contradictions of Russia's resource wealth /Hedlund,  StefanHD9502.R82  H43 2014

Shale  gas : the promise and the peril /Rao,  Vikram.HD9581.2.S53  R36 2012

Global  political economy : evolution & dynamics /Robert  O'Brien & Marc WilliamsHF1359  .O26 2016

Advanced  international trade : theory and evidence /Feenstra,  Robert C.HF1379  .F44 2016

Intra-industry  trade : cooperation and conflict in the global political economy /Cameron  G. Thies and Timothy M. Peterson.HF1414.35  .T44 2016

Give  peace a chance : preventing mass violence /David  A. Hamburg and Eric HamburgHM1116  .H35 2013

Annual  review of sociology
HM51  .I103 v.42 2016

The  Oxford handbook of Internet studies /Dutton,  William H.HM851  .O985 2014

The  Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of social and political movements /Snow,  David A.HM881  .W553 2013 v.1

The  Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of social and political movements /Snow,  David A.HM881  .W553 2013 v.2

The  Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of social and political movements /Snow,  David A.HM881  .W553 2013 v.3

A  middle class without democracy : economic growth and the prospects for  democratization in China /Chen,  JieHT690.C55  C3954 2013
J  Political Science 政治学

The  Oxford handbook of political methodology /Janet  M. Box-Steffensmeier, Henry E. Brady, David Collier.JA71  .O94 2010

Politics  in the age of austerity /Armin  Schäfer and Wolfgang StreeckJC423  .P56617 2013

The  breakthrough : human rights in the 1970s /Jan  Eckel and Samuel MoynJC571  .B678 2014

The  presidency and domestic policy : comparing leadership styles, FDR to Obama /Michael  A. Genovese, Todd L. Belt, and William W. Lammers.JK511  .L35 2014

The  cavalier presidency : executive power and prerogative in times of crisis /DePlato,  Justin P.JK558  .D47 2014

China's  crony capitalism : the dynamics of regime decay /Pei,  MinxinJQ1509.5.C6  P45 2016

The  perfect dictatorship : China in the 21st century /Ringen,  Stein. JQ1510  .R56 2016

Dangerous  others, insecure societies : fear and social division /Lianos,  Michalis.JV6225  .D36 2013

Great  power peace and American primacy : the origins and future of a new  international order /Baron,  Joshua,JZ1313  .B37 2014

Modern  diplomacy /Barston,  R. P. (Ronald Peter)JZ1405  .B37 2012

The  Oxford handbook of modern diplomacy /Cooper,  Andrew Fenton.JZ1405  .O94 2015

Understanding  American power : the changing world of US foreign policy /Mabee,  Bryan.JZ1480  .M324 2013

Russian  foreign policy : interests, vectors, and sectors /Nikolas  K. Gvosdev and Christopher MarshJZ1616  .G86 2014

Understanding  public diplomacy in East Asia : middle powers in a troubled region /Jan  Melissen and Yul SohnJZ1720  .U64 2015

Routledge  handbook of international statebuilding /David  Chandler and Timothy D. Sisk.JZ6300  .R68 2013
K  Law 法律

The  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights : cases, materials, and  commentary /Joseph,  Sarah (Sarah Louise),Schultz, Jenny. and Castan, Melissa.K3240  .J67 2014

Cultural  heritage law /Nafziger,  James A. R.K3791  .C849 2012

Indigenous  peoples' cultural property claims : repatriation and beyond /Kuprecht,  KarolinaK3791  .K87 2014

A  companion to American legal history /Sally  E. Hadden and Alfred L. Brophy.KF352  .C66 2013

Trotskyists  on trial : free speech and political persecution since the age of FDR /Haverty-Stacke,  Donna T.KF4770  .H38 2015

Anatomy  of a trial : a handbook for young lawyers /Sandler,  Paul MarkKF8915  .S24 2014

Law  and fair work in China /Sean  Cooney, Sarah Biddulph, 'Ying Zhu'.KNQ1270  .C66 2013

Privatizing  war : private military and security companies under public international law  /Lindsey  Cameron and Vincent Chetail.KZ6418.5  .C36 2013
L  Education 教育

MLA  handbook.Modern  Language Association of AmericaLB2369  .G53 2016
P  Language and Literature 语言学、文学

The  great American scaffold : intertextuality and identity in American  presidential discourse /Austermühl,  FrankP302.77  .A95 2014

Political  turbulence : how social media shape collective action /Helen  Margetts, Peter John, Scott A. Hale & Taha Yasseri.P95.82.U6  M36 2016

Communication  and power in the global era : orders and borders /Kraidy,  Marwan M.P96.I5  C625 2013

Academic  Writing for Graduate Students : Essential Tasks and Skills /John  M. Swales and Christine B. Feak.PE1408  .S7836 2012

The  screen is red : Hollywood, communism, and the Cold War /Dick,  Bernard F.PN1995.9.P6  D525 2016

Reinventing  professionalism : journalism and news in global perspective /Waisbord,  Silvio R. (Silvio Ricardo)PN4731  .W35 2013
Q  Science 科学

A  world to live in : an ecologist's vision for a plundered planet /Woodwell,  G. M.QH541.15.R45  W65 2016
R  Medicine 医学

The  end of plagues : the global battle against infectious disease /Rhodes,  John.RC114.5  .R48 2013
U  Military Science 军事科学

Social  science goes to war : the Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan /Montgomery  McFate, Janice H. LaurenceU241  .S63 2015

Asia-Pacific  regional security assessment 2016 : key developments and trends /International  Institute for Strategic StudiesUA830  .A85 2016


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