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B  Philosophy. Psychology. Religion 哲学、心理学、宗教

Miseducation  : a history of ignorance-making in America and abroad /Angulo,  A. J.BD221  .M57 2016

Work  : a very short introduction /Fineman,Stephen.BF481  .F58 2012

Modern  myths, locked minds : secularism and fundamentalism in India /Madan,T.N.BL2765.I5  M33 2009
D  History: General and Old World   古代史及世界各国史

The  Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, 1945-46 : a documentary history /Marrus,Michael  Robert.D804.G42  N87 1997

The  Oxford handbook of Italian politics /Jones,  Erik and Pasquino, GianfrancoDG577  .O94 2015

Democracy  in a Russian mirror /Przeworski,  Adam.DK510.76  .D46 2015

Fragile  empire : how Russia fell in and out of love with Vladimir Putin /Judah,  Ben.DK510.766.P87  J83 2013

The  United States and Asia : regional dynamics and twenty-first-century relations  /Sutter,  Robert G.DS33.4.U6  S86 2015

United  States Engagement in the Asia Pacific : Perspectives from Asia /Sato,  Yoichiro,  Tan, See Seng and Sato,  YoichiroDS33.4.U6  U37 2015

The  Pivot : the future of American statecraft in Asia /Campbell,  Kurt M.DS518.8  .C36 2016

Origins  and Evolution of the US Rebalance toward Asia : Diplomatic, Military, and  Economic Dimensions /Meijer,  Hugo.DS518.8  .O78 2015

Southeast  Asia : past and present /SarDesai,  D. R.DS525  .S27 2013

China's  Future /Shambaugh,  David L.DS779.4  .S45 2016

Japan  : the precarious future /Baldwin,  Frank and Allison, AnneDS806  .J267 2015

World  War I and the triumph of a new Japan, 1919-1930 /Dickinson,  Frederick R.DS886  .D53 2013

Global  NATO and the catastrophic failure in Libya : lessons for Africa in the  forging of African unity /Campbell,  Horace.DT236  .C36 2013
E-F  History of the Americas 美洲历史

Rethinking  the 1950s : how anticommunism and the Cold War made America liberal /Jennifer A. DeltonE743.5 .D375  2013

US  foreign policy decision-making from Kennedy to Obama : responses to  international challenges /Hybel, Alex  RobertoE840  .H93 2014

Obama  and the world : new directions in US foreign policy /Inderjeet Parmar, Linda B.  Miller and Mark Ledwidge.E907 .N49 2014

Brazil  : what everyone needs to know /Roett, Riordan.F2521  .R738 2016
G  Geography. Anthropology. Recreation  地理学、人类学、娱乐

Sharing  the earth : an international environmental justice reader /Elizabeth  Ammons and Modhumita Roy.GE220  .S44 2015

Environmental  ethics : what really matters, what really works /David  Schmidtz, and  Elizabeth Willott.GE42  .E585 2012

A  Dictionary of human geography /R.J. Johnston, Derek Gregory,  and David M. Smith.GF4 .C37 2013
H  Social Science 社会科学

Statistical  yearbook for Asia and the Pacific /United  Nations.HA1665  .U5 2015

The  great tradeoff : confronting moral conflicts in the era of globalization /Weisman,  Steven R.HB72  .W445 2016

Excess  : anti-consumerism in the West /Humphery,  KimHB801  .H86 2010

American  consumer society, 1865-2005 : from hearth to HDTV /Blaszczyk,  Regina Lee.HC110.C63  B53 2009

Routledge  handbook of the Chinese economy /Gregory C. Chow and Dwight H.  Perkins.HC427 .R667 2015

State  capitalism, institutional adaptation, and the Chinese miracle /Barry M. Naughton, Kellee S.  Tsai.HC427.95 .S73  2015

Development,  security, and aid : geopolitics and geoeconomics at the U.S. Agency for  International Development /Essex, Jamey.HC60  .E736 2013

Land  /Hall,  Derek.HD111  .H325 2013

BhopaliCarlson,  Van Maximilian. and Palayan, Kirk.HD7269.C452  B467 2012

Bhopal  the search for justice /Tracey,  Lindalee and Raymont, Peter.HD7269.C452  B56 2004

The  Bhopal reader : remembering twenty years of the world's worst industrial  disaster /Bridget Hanna, Ward Morehouse,  Satinath Sarangi.HD7269.C452  I5244 2005

Litigating  disasterARTE France.HD7269.C452  L5259 2004

Global  energy justice : problems, principles, and practices /Sovacool,  Benjamin K. and Dworkin, Michael H.HD9502.A2  S6763 2014

American  trade politics and the triumph of globalism /Kirshner,  Orin.HF1455  .K57 2014

Iran  : sanctions, energy, arms control, and regime change : a report of the CSIS /Anthony H. Cordesman, Bryan  Gold, Chloe Coughlin-Schulte.HF1586.4 .C67  2014

Linking  trade and security : evolving institutions and strategies in Asia, Europe,  and the United States /Vinod K. Aggarwal and Kristi  GovellaHF4030.7 .L56  2013

The  economics of money, banking, and financial markets /Mishkin,  Frederic S.HG173  .M632 2016

Handbook  of sociology and human rights /David L. Brunsma, Keri E. Iyall  Smith, Brian K. Gran.HM585 .H363 2013

Shifu,  soul of Chinese anarchism /Krebs, Edward  S.HX950.Z67  L585 1998
J  Political Science 政治学

Dismantling  public policy : preferences, strategies, and effects /Bauer,  Michael W.JF1525.P6  D57 2012

Cases  in comparative politics /Patrick H. O'Neil, Karl J.  Fields, and Donald Share.JF51 .O538 2015

Official  congressional directoryUnited States.  CongressJK1011  .A1 2015-2016

China's  many dreams : comparative perspectives on China's search for national  rejuvenation /Kerr,  David.JQ1510  .C489566 2015

Japanese  and Korean politics : alone and apart from each other /Inoguchi,  TakashiJQ1631  .J3628 2015

Routledge  handbook of Indian politics /Atul Kohli and Prerna Singh.JQ231 .R685 2012

Governance  in South, Southeast, and East Asia : trends, issues and challenges /Ishtiaq Jamil, Salahuddin M.  Aminuzzaman, Sk. Tawfique M. HaqueJQ98.A58 G68  2015

Asymmetry  and international relationships /Womack, BrantlyJZ1305  .W63 2016

Is  the West in decline? : historical, military, and economic perspectives /Rowland,  Benjamin M.JZ1313  .I82 2016

Becoming  rivals : the process of interstate rivalry development /Valeriano,  Brandon.JZ1313  .V35 2013

The  UN Security Council : from the Cold War to the 21st century /Malone,  DavidJZ5006.5  .U545 2004
K  Law 法律

Legal  regimes for environmental protection : governance for climate change and  ocean resources /Hans-Joachim Koch, Doris König,  Joachim Sanden, Roda VerheyenK3585 .L44 2015

Environmental  law /Rodgers,  William H.KF3775  .J648 2016

Jurisprudence  cases and materials : an introduction to the philosophy of law and its  applications /Gottlieb,  Stephen E.KF379  .G68 2015

Rightlessness  : testimony and redress in U.S. prison camps since World War II /Paik,  A. Naomi,KF7225  .P35 2016

The  Nuremberg trials: the history and legacy of the Nazi war crimes trials after  world war II /Charles RiverKZ1176.5 R622  2014
P  Language and Literature 语言学、文学

Bhopal  : a prayer for rain /Kumar,  Ravi and Brooks, David.PN1997.2  .B46 2015

The  big short /Pitt,  Brad and Randolph, Charles.PN1997.2  .B54 2016

Bridge  of spies /Charman,  Matt and Coen, Ethan.PN1997.2  .B75 2016

EichmannKretschmann,  Thomas and Garity, Troy.PN1997.2  .E43 2011

The  Yes Men fix the worldBonanno,Mike  and Bichlbaum,AndyPN6231.P6  Y47 2010

Ambiguous  borderlands : shadow imagery in Cold War American culture /Mortenson,  ErikPS374.C57  M67 2016
T  Technology 科技

Renewable  energy in China : towards a green economy /Manhong Mannie Liu, Mike Henry,  Huang Haifeng TJ807.9.C5 R46  2014 v.1

Renewable  energy in China : towards a green economy /Manhong Mannie Liu, Mike Henry,  Huang Haifeng TJ807.9.C5 R46  2014 v.2

Renewable  energy in China : towards a green economy /Manhong Mannie Liu, Mike Henry,  Huang Haifeng TJ807.9.C5 R46  2014 v.3

Eating  anxiety : the perils of food politics /Lavin, ChadTX360.U6  L38 2013
U  Military Science 军事科学

China's  evolving military strategy /McReynolds,  Joe UA835  .C48 2016

The  drone debate : a primer on the U.S. use of unmanned aircraft outside  conventional battlefields /Avery  Plaw, Matthew S. Fricker, and Carlos R. Colon.UG1242.D7  P53 2016


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